Very excited for our NDAESP Conference Speakers. Check out their bios and keynote/plenary information here: There is still time to register! #NDAESP #NAESP #NDCEL
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Thank you to our school counselors. You make all the difference in students' lives. #NDCEL #schoolcounselors
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Excited to learn from NASSP CEO, Ronn Nozoe and high school principal, Andrew Marotta in a few short days! #NDCEL #NDASSP #NASSP
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Last call for the NDASSP Mid-Winter Conference! Register here: #NDASSP #NDCEL #highschoolprincipals
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Looking forward to learning from these folks real soon! Still time to register: #NDCEL #NDASA
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Mid-Winters are calling. Register today at #NDCEL #NDASA #NDAESP #NDASSP
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Need graduate credit? Each Mid-Winter Conference offers 1 grad credit. Learn more and register today at #NDCEL #gradcredit
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Innovation Academy Day 3. Teams are identifying the stakeholders of their moonshot (initiative). Separating them into categories of low power/high interest, high power/high interest, lower power/low interest, and high power/low interest. #NDCEL #InnovationAcademy
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Just dropped: NDASSP Conference breakouts! Read breakout descriptions here: #NDASSP #NDCEL
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Thank you to Martin Luther King Jr. and his leadership. #NDCEL
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Want to know what to expect at the affiliate conferences? Go to (the teal buttons on the home page) to find the respective schedule (NDASA, NDASSP, NDAESP). #NDCEL #NDAESP #NDASA #NDASSP
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Page 1 of 365. #NDCEL #NewYear #NewYear23
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Meet Andrew Marotta, your NDASSP keynote speaker and workshop leader. We are particularly excited to learn from him because he is a high school principal himself! Learn more about him and register here: #NDASSP #NDCEL
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Happy Kwanzaa! #NDCEL
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Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright. #NDCEL #MerryChristmas
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Happy Holidays from the NDCEL office! #NDCEL #HappyHolidays
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It is a COLD one! We are wishing all our ND students and staff a safe and warm during this unfriendly weather. #NDCEL #ItsCold #StayWarm
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During this legislative assembly, it is really important to be in touch with your legislators and tell the story of your school. We have made this a bit easier for you by housing the legislators, the districts, and their contact information on our site. Check it out here: #NDCEL #68LegislativeAssembly
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May there be much light in your life this season! #NDCEL #HappyHanukkah
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Mid-Winter Conference registrations are OPEN! The Mid-Winter affiliate conferences are a time to connect and learn with those with your same job description. Partake in impactful breakout sessions, learn from captivating keynote speakers, and have time to recharge with your fellow educators. Go here to learn more about your affiliate conference and register: NDASA Conference - January 29-31, 2023: NDASSP Conference - February 5-6, 2023 (Starts on a Sunday): NDAESP Conference - February 15-17, 2023: #NDCEL #NDASA #NDASSP #NDAESP
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