The North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders would like to thank Dr. Russell Ziegler for his contributions to the organization over the years. Russ will be serving as the new Superintendent for the Elgin/New Leipzig School District. In the NDCEL office, Russ is known as the person to always lend a helping hand. He was the one to pick up or drop off anyone who was getting their tires changed, would hang picture frames up in offices, give advice, lend a listening ear, bring smiles to faces with his jokes (including his infamous dad jokes), and do many great and kind deeds. NDCEL wishes Russ all the best in his next step of his journey! You will still be seeing him around at conferences and in the K-12 field! #NDCEL #LeadersMatter
9 days ago, NDCEL
Join us at the NDCEL Summer Conference to learn from Christine Cashen! HOW TO STAY INSPIRED WHEN YOU ARE SO DARN TIRED! It can feel challenging to stay right side up when your world feels upside down. Now is the time to shift the narrative and act. Take control of what you have the power to change. Flip your perspective, choose your emotional state, and have more fun along the way. Audience takeaways: • Method to Compose and Dispose to handle worry • Identify Energy Gainers/Drainers and what to do about them • How to get your “mojo” back • Tools to leverage levity You don't want to miss this presentation. Join Christine for hot tips and strategies to achieve the best in your personal and professional life. You'll leave feeling charged up, motivated and excited to get back out there and work your magic. #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
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Proposals for the NDCEL 2022 Summer Conference are due TODAY! We would like to learn from you during one of the summer conference breakout sessions. Go here to submit a proposal: #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
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NDCEL members - Are you or your child going to college? Would you like $500? If so, fill out one of the four NDFEL scholarship applications here: They are a quick and easy manner of applying for scholarships and it’s all digital! #NDCEL #scholarship #scholarshipopportunities
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Happy teacher appreciation week to those who educate and love each generation. You are life-changers, cheerleaders, and potential seers. Thank you for all you do! #NDCEL #TeacherAppreciation
20 days ago, NDCEL
Happy administrative professionals day! A special appreciation goes to NDCEL's very own outstanding administrative professional, Fran Glasser! Fran is hard working, pays the utmost attention to details, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and cares for our team in many ways. Thank you, Fran! NDCEL wouldn't be the same without you! #NDCEL #AdmistrativeProfessional
25 days ago, NDCEL
We would like to introduce you to our other Summer Conference keynote speaker – Christine Cashen! One of the world’s most sought-after business humorists, Christine delivers a fast-paced, uproarious program brimming with memorable quips and relevant content that helps audiences spark new and innovative ideas, manage conflict, reduce stress, energize employees, and create a happier more productive workplace. Go here for more information about Summer Conference and to register to see Christine Cashen!: Go here to learn more about Christine: #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
26 days ago, NDCEL
As we look forward to Summer Conference, it’s our pleasure to announce one of our keynote speakers and workshop leader, Shamiel Gary! Shamiel Gary is an inspirational former NFL player committed to impacting lives through professional speaking and community service. When he’s not speaking, Shamiel spends his time as an entrepreneur focused on real estate, mentoring, and writing. Go here to register for Summer Conference: #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
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The NDCEL Fall Conference Canvas class and opportunity for graduate credit concludes on April 30, 2022 – 11 days away. Please wrap up your viewing and grad credit before then. You will need 15 points in your grades section to receive one grad credit. We will be doing more grading this week! #NDCEL #FallConference
about 1 month ago, NDCEL
Do you have information to share? Have you been successful in an initiative that you feel others would be interested in? Is there a topic that you have researched and know others would be interested in the results? If so, please fill out this proposal to present at the NDCEL 2022 Summer Conference. Our breakout sessions are 50 minutes long and you will present in a room of education administrators. We hope to have you there! Our theme for the conference is Elevating Experiences in Education. A session aligning with this theme is the goal. More on the theme: Educational leaders are in the business of elevating experiences in education - the experiences of their students and staff. Not only will the conference teach leaders how to. better elevate the experiences of others, but also their own experiences. 2022 NDCEL Summer Conference - Elevating experiences in education. Collaborating to grow in the mission of elevating the experiences of our students, staff, and ourselves. The NDCEL 2022 Summer Conference will be held at Bismarck Legacy High School on June 21 - 23, 2022. NDCEL is unable to provide compensation for the breakout presenters at this conference. Proposals are due May 9, 2022. Go here to submit a proposal: #NDCEL #CallForProposals
about 1 month ago, NDCEL
Please join us for the NDCEL Summer Conference on June 21-23, 2022 in Bismarck/Mandan, ND. Summer Conference is NDCEL's most active and fun conference of the year. It is a perfect concoction of outdoor networking (Larks baseball game, golf scramble, and steak fry) and professional development (2 captivating keynotes and timely breakout sessions). For more information, to register, and for the call for proposals go here: #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
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The presence and work of a paraprofessional have a significant impact on education, the environment of a classroom, and the lives of children. Thank you for your irreplaceable work! Tag a paraprofessional whom you appreciate! #NDCEL #Paraprofessional
about 2 months ago, NDCEL
With great excitement, we announce the open registration of the 2022 NDCEL Summer Conference! June 21-23, 2022 2022 NDCEL Summer Conference - Elevating experiences in education. Educational leaders are in the business of elevating experiences in education - the experiences of their students and staff. Not only will the conference teach leaders how to better elevate the experiences of others but also their own experience of being an education leader. Collaborate to grow in the mission of elevating the experiences of our students, staff, and ourselves at the 2022 NDCEL Summer Conference! Go here to register: #NDCEL #NDCELSummerConference
about 2 months ago, NDCEL
Have some good, light fun today! Happy April Fool's day! #NDCEL
about 2 months ago, NDCEL
NDCEL is excited to release the 2022-2023 dates of the popular and impactful, Innovation Academy! The North Dakota Innovation Academy curriculum will be tailored to the needs of North Dakota educators and will equip participants to access resources and begin immediately making small steps that can lead to big change, as well as planning for long-term system change. Examples of immediate, usable resources include the Innovation Playlist, and The Cutting Ed blogs, or learning from schools across the country through study of Ted Dintersmith’s book, What Schools Could Be. In depth study of ten building blocks for achieving the four major shifts will include project and inquiry-based learning, competency-based and standards-based grading, expansion of digital and online information resources as well as 1:1 computing initiatives. #NDCEL #InnovationAcademy
2 months ago, NDCEL
Over a month left of Fall Conference professional development sessions. Finish your 15 hours to receive credit! Contact the NDCEL office if you have any questions about how to get into Canvas and grad credit. #NDCEL #professionaldevelopment
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The last day to register for the NDASSP Conference is this upcoming Monday (3.21.22) at 12 PM Central. We have many great keynotes and breakouts in store. Go here for more information and to register: #NDASSP #NDCEL
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Know anyone who is considering the career of a principal? Come to the Aspiring Principal's Conference for networking and to have all your questions answered. Begin your journey and be pointed in the right direction! More Info/Registration: #principals #NDCEL #LeadersMatter
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Happy St. Patrick's day! We are LUCKY to have you all as leaders! #LeadersMatter #NDCEL
2 months ago, NDCEL
Happy Pi Day! Is your school celebrating? #NDCEL #piday #piday2022 #pidaycelebration2022
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