Focus on gratitude. #ndcel #gratitude #givethanks
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#thanksgiving #givethanks #gratitude #ndcel
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Happy Thanksgiving from NDCEL! We are grateful for you and all you do. #thanksgiving #ndcel #grateful
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Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving break! Take time to rest, spend time with your loved ones, reflect on all that you have to be thankful for, and stay healthy! #ndcel #Thanksgiving #gratitude
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Complete your Fall Conference sessions to finish up your grad credit by Nov. 30. We grade and send progress reports to UMary at the end of each month until April 30. Recorded live sessions (from the days of the conference) and pre-recorded sessions are available to watch for plenty of choices! #professionaldevelopment #ndcel #leadersmatter #ndcelfallconference
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This ends the feature of our teammate, Fran Glasser! Thank you for all you do for us, Fran! We appreciate your work and the many talents you bring to NDCEL every day. #ndcel #meettheteam #appreciationpost
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MEET THE TEAM: Fran Glasser has been working for NDCEL for three and a half years. She worked 30 years for the ND LEAD Center which shared an office with NDCEL. Also, before Fran worked for LEAD, she was part time with NDCEL for three years. Fran works with EdJobsND, Student Council, Honor Society, answering questions about NDCEL membership, and several other duties in the office. If you call the office, she will probably be the one to answer the phone. Fran and her husband, Joel, have one daughter, Mandy, a son-in-law, Mike, and two grandchildren, Ella and Grant who live in the San Antonio, Texas area. Fran’s husband, Joel works as a project manager for a company in Mandan that is based out of Chicago. Fran and her husband love to travel and have been to Europe four times. One of those times, they decided to take a Baltic cruise. Their daughter and family lived in Europe for three years, so they had a place to stay. Fran and Joel built their “forever” home six years ago and they love it. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite holiday is Christmas. In Fran’s spare time, she loves to do crafts and work on projects with her husband, Joel. They work on everything from stained-glass projects to building furniture. If you need help with anything, give Fran a call and if she can’t help you, she will direct you to the person who can. #appreciationpost #ndcel #meettheteam
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Need more clarity on the recent executive order? Here is the North Dakota Department of Health's follow-up to Governor Burgum's order:
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Here are the qualifying face coverings that are now mandated to be worn by all people in public buildings. #maskupnd #ndstrong
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Questions on how to mask? Go to to get all the details. #ndcel #MaskUpND #NDstrong
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Wishing all of our veterans a good Veterans Day. We are thankful for your service and all of the sacrifice that it has required. #ndcel #veteransday #thankyouforyourservice #usa #leadersmatter
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Perks of a virtual conference? That it is available for SIX MONTHS! Register and create your own grad credit schedule with sessions made available to you until April 2021. #ndcel #ndcelfallconference #gradcredit #umary #educators #leadersmatter
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This concludes the feature of our treasured teammate, Sammy! Thank you, Sammy for all you do at NDCEL. We couldn't do it without you! What fills your coworkers' happy tanks? #ndcel #happytank #whatmakesyouhappy #appreciationpost #meettheteam
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MEET THE TEAM: Sammy Vander Wal has acted as the Fiscal Manager, Membership Coordinator, and Conference Planner and doer of all things for NDCEL for the past 4 years. Sammy talks more often and faster than most people but will pause to take a drink of her iced coffee. If you are in need of being cheered up, Sammy is your girl! Stop by the office for one of Sammy’s many dance parties, (she is a horribly entertaining dancer). She is a proud mom to two beautiful girls, Vada (3) and Macy (1), to whom she raised with her best friend and husband, Collin. In her spare time, Sammy enjoys running and taking her daughters to many parks and trails in Bismarck. Sammy will never turn down ice cream, a good murder mystery, podcasts, or a chance to laugh along with others. In the office, Sammy regularly reminds everyone to “Extend Grace” and embrace the chaos. If you have a question in regard to your invoices including bills to pay, your membership, a conference, or just want to chat… give Sammy a call!
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Today is the big day! Get out there and vote, vote, vote! A great time to be an example to students and to do our civic duty. #ndcel #leadersmatter #vote #civicduty #YourVoteMatters
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Have a spooky and safe Halloween from NDCEL! #halloween #ndcel #spooky
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Empowerment of impact. #NDCEL #educators #administrators
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Grad credit couldn't be easier! #gradcredit #professionaldevelopment #ndcel #leadersmatter
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Some wisdom and inspiration for your Friday from our #ndcelfallconference. #LeadersMatter #ndcel #umary #professionaldevelopment
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Virtual Fall Conference Day 2! There is still time to join us. Register at to receive a custom professional development that is available to you until April 30, 2021. Handpicking sessions that appeal to you and completing them on your own time makes professional development and grad credit so much sweeter! #ndcelfallconference #ndcel #leadersmatter #professionaldevelopment #gradcredit
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