"The impact belonging to NDCEL has had on me and my professional life is immeasurable. NDCEL keeps administrators connected and helping each other throughout our careers. Educational leaders share their ideas, vendor contacts, & references for professional services that we use to meet daily needs.

- Dr. Kelly Peters, Superintendent, Lakota Public School


"The professional development that NDCEL offers is timely as it gives me the practical knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of this career. Not only is their motto, “What’s best for kids”, but they also do what is best for us administrators and our school districts. "

- Paula Suda, Superintendent, Hillsboro Public School


"NDCEL is the most powerful support that exists for school district leaders in North Dakota. The NDCEL team is invested in the success of all districts, students, and staff which is evident from their broad and timely training opportunities, legislative advocacy, and professional consultation. "

- Dr. Robert Lech, Superintendent, Jamestown Public School District #1


"The staff at NDCEL are very knowledgeable and resourceful as well as very friendly. Their assistance has impacted the success of the school and staff I worked with over the many years as a superintendent. "

- Dr. Viola LaFontaine Slater, Professional Development Coordinator and Retired Superintendent


"NDCEL has been instrumental to my growth and development as an administrator. I appreciate the opportunities to improve my craft through the various professional development events that are provided along with the opportunities to build my network through in-person and virtual options."

- Dr. Mike McNeff, Superintendent, Rugby Public School


"NDCEL has had a significant impact on my life as an education leader. The relationships I have developed through my membership are irreplaceable. NDCEL has provided me timely and pertinent Professional Development. Being a member of NDCEL has made me be a better school leader."

- Tonya Hunskor, School Support Specialist, NCEC


"My first three years as an administrator were challenging. NDCEL's mentor program paired with me with Mark Andresen who was an excellent mentor. This mentor program helped make my transition from classroom to administration more seamless."

- Taryn Sveet, Secondary Principal, Beach Public School