NDASSP Membership

Membership Information

Membership Criteria: Membership in the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders is required to be a member of NDASSP.


Membership Categories

  • Active membership is open to any person who is a certified administrator and acts in an executive capacity in any secondary school.


  • Associate membership is open to any person who is a member of secondary education or an educational administration department of any institution of Public Instruction, upon payment of annual, unified dues. Associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of active membership except voting and holding office.


  • Retired membership is open to any active member who has retired and who has been a member of the association for a minimum of ten years, upon payment of annual dues as determined by the Board of Directors.


  • Honorary membership may be granted to anyone outside the association by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, but such honorary members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.


  • Life memberships may be granted to individuals who have distinguished themselves as secondary school principals. The candidate shall have been retired for at least two years, shall have been an active member of NDASSP for at least 10 years, and shall have made significant contributions as a member of the association, the Board of Directors, or in some official capacity within the NDASSP.


1. Legal Assistance: The NDCEL stands ready to assist its members with professional and personal legal difficulties. A great many individuals have contacted and received help from the NDCEL. Our aim is to assist school administrators and school boards in the maintenance of positive relationships with administrators. This is a very delicate task, however, the NDCEL has provided help to a great many of its members.

2. Conferences: The NDCEL presents several conferences for the professional growth of its members. The Fall Conference, held annually in October, allows for all of the members to grow and interact. This conference is planned by school administrators and for school administrators in North Dakota. The NDCEL also is active in setting up agendas for other state meetings sponsored by the various associations such as the winter conferences of the NDASA, NDASSP, and NDAESP. 

3. Representation: An important function of the NDCEL is to serve as a legislative representative for the school administrators of North Dakota. Legislative positions are developed and the executive director is very involved in lobbying efforts during the Legislative Session and during the Interim. The legislative Beacon is published weekly during the session to keep members informed about the events on Capitol Hill. 

4. Publications: The NDCEL publishes a newsletter nine times yearly from September through May. The NDCEL also assists in the publishing and distribution of various research papers of special interest to all of its members. 

5. State Level Liaison: The NDCEL represents the membership position and philosophy on educational issues with constituencies such as the U.S. Congressional delegation, the North Dakota Legislature, the Governor, the Department of Public Instruction, the NDEA, the NDSBA, and others. 

6. Coalitions for Education: The NDCEL is active in promoting positive relationships between and among other educational organizations and itself.  

7. Special Discounts: Members are qualified for reduced rates at all North Dakota LEAD Center seminars. 

8. Consultant/Research Services: The NDCEL is willing to provide members with services relating to daily problems confronting school administrators. When answers to questions are not readily available, we will research the problem and seek available sources for information and solutions. 

9. Peer Contact: One of the most valuable NDCEL membership benefits is the chance to get together with other school administrators in North Dakota. Through state and regional meetings, fall and summer conferences, and other seminars, members have the opportunity to discuss common problems and share information and ideas with others facing similar challenges. 

10. Strength in Numbers: A very important reason for joining the NDCEL is strength in numbers. As an umbrella association, the NDCEL is the only organization in North Dakota devoted to the professional and career development of school administrators who compose the instructional leadership and management teams in our schools. The NDCEL represents over 600 school administrators who can collectively influence legislation and the decision-making processes on the local, regional, state, and national levels. 

All school leaders that are eligible to be members of any of the NDCEL state affiliates are eligible to join the NDCEL. For membership information and applications for our state and national associations, please contact the NDCEL office at 701-258-3022, by fax at 701-258-9826 or click HERE to fill out a membership application form.