Megan Margerum — Learner Profiles and Her Students Meet an Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race Musher

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Level 3 (3rd Grade) ELA Teacher at Northern Cass Elementary

How long have you been in teaching?

13 years

What is your teaching influenced or inspired by?

I will forever and always be inspired by my mom who taught for over 25 years. She showed a love for others and pushed me to do my best. I was born to teach and have always had an intrinsic motivation and drive for innovation. I believe in advocating for those who can’t, and loving my learners like they’re my own. The educators, admin, and community I get to work with each day reinforce my love of education and strengthen my belief that I am doing what I am called to do.   

 I would be remiss if I didn’t add that my learners are the reason I come to school every day. Whether it is the looks on their faces when they learn something new or the curiosity that they bring into the learning center; they are constantly reminding me of the great responsibility and honor it is to be their educator. As much as I have influenced the hundreds of learners so far in my career, each one has shaped who I am as an educator. 

Lessons featured in this issue:

Iditarod Lesson Plan

Desk Pets and Hero Points

Other Highlights:

Personalized Learning

Learner Profiles

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Iditarod Lesson Slideshow

Google Slides



Learner Profiles Example Slideshow

Google Slides



Desk Pets


Interview With Megan

Third-grade Northern Cass ELA teacher, Megan Margerum explains her innovative Iditarod lesson, personalized learning, learner profiles, learner advocacy, and her class' pet adoption.

Learner's Mindset Instructional Video

Megan presents her micro-credential, Learner Profiles. A learner profile is a comprehensive picture of who the learner is. You can take this data and better arrange your learning environment and better know how to serve each individual learner.

Learner profile can be given around 3 or 4 times a year to see if your learners strengths and areas of improvement have changed.

Learner profiles enable students to have self-advocacy, self-knowledge, and ownership of learning.

Some example questions for the learner profile:

How do you learn best?

Where do you like to sit in the classroom?

Are there things that you haven't learned in school that you're interested about?

What type of noise level do you prefer?

Are there any jobs or careers that you are interested in?

Personalized Learning in Action

Take a trip around Megan Margerum's classroom as personal learning is in full swing!

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