Innovation Academy 24.25

Innovation Academy 2024-2025

This training is four sessions, each spanning two days and revolves around four key shifts seen in deeper learning schools: Higher Level Thinking, Student Agency, Authentic Work, and Technology Infusion.

Tailored specifically for North Dakota educators, the curriculum of the North Dakota Innovation Academy enables participants to immediately implement small changes that can lead to significant transformations, while also strategizing for long-term systemic shifts. Immediate resources such as the Innovation Playlist, The Cutting Ed blogs, and insights from Ted Dintersmith’s book, "What Schools Could Be", offer practical tools. In depth study of ten building blocks essential for these shifts involves exploring project-based learning, competency-based grading, and initiatives like 1:1 computing.

  • Cost $2500: Each district can register teams made of up to 5 participants

  • Additional team members (over 5) may be added for $500/per person. You may want this position to be a board member, community member, student or a "flex person" that rotates. We recommend having a "flex person"!

TEAM LEADER must be an administrator at the school district and MUST attend ALL sessions.

If the person filling out the form also wants to attend, put that person's name either in the Team Leader or Team Member box.

Training to be held at the Bismarck Career Academy in the Multipurpose Room. The Team Leader and Team Members need to attend all the sessions.

Tues/Wed - November 12-13, 2024 
Wed/Thurs - January 29-30, 2025 
Tues/Wed - March 25-26, 2025 
Wed/Thurs - April 23-24, 2025