Grad Credit FAQ

Grad Credit FAQ:

  • 1 credit = 15 hours of sessions view
  • 2 credits = 30 hours of session view

        $45/$47 cc $90/$94cc

  • If your school registered you for credit just turn payment into your business office. We will register for the credit. All you need to do is make sure you have paid and view your appropriate number of session.
  • If you need to sign up and pay for credit on your own email (must specify number of credits and form of payment.
  • We will turning grades into University of Mary at the end of month, starting the end of November.
  • All sessions will be available to view until April 30th.
  • All sessions live and pre-recorded will count to your graduate credit.
  • To see how many credits you have achieved, go to Canvas, click "grades". Remember: We have to process all of the sessions. Grades won't be generated immediately.
  • All Checks need to be written out to NDCEL, Not UMary.